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I first met Shonne in Reiki I class. I have watched her grow from Reiki I to the professional and skilled healer that she is today. I am so proud of her achievements! And how skilled she has become in her practice. Shonne is compassionate and caring; she is intuitvely aware of the areas that need healing and focused on holding space for your healing. I have had the pleasure of having both a Reiki and Crystal healing session each time feeling deeply relaxed and balancing one or more chakras. I remembered how imbalanced I felt before my crystal healing session and leaving home feeling energized and balanced. Shonne even gave me a sheet with the list of crystals she used for my session to continue working on my own at home. I am so grateful for Shonne's friendship and healing abilites. You are truly in good healing hands.

Jenni J.

Shonne is a real Earth Angel who radiates love and compassion. I have known her a while, since we began our Reiki journey together with a few other women who became the Reiki Sisters. I was so excited to try her crystal healing therapy. It was even better than I expected. Shonne made sure I was so comfortable and cared for. The healing put me in a deep state of relaxation, and the pain I was trying to get rid of for weeks was gone! She even gave me a special crystal to help me continue healing. I am blessed to have Shonne in my life as a healer and Sister. She will really listen to you, and take care of you with her many skills.

Esme Krahn

Thank you again for this lovely experience I definitely need to have another session. I honestly feel so much better after our session. I have energy to be myself again to be better and overall stay intune with myself. I appreciate all the time and effort you put in my session and I am grateful for this experience.

Karen Perez

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